Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fun in the overpowering, sweltering, burning hot sun.

Ahoy there! I just got back from a trip to the beach where I spent the week eating, sleeping, drinking, and sun-bathing.  What fun.  Here are a few pics.

Using my height/creative juices to get a full body shot. Turned out kind of awkward but what the hay.

One of my favorite sushi restaurants ever is near our beach house. 

See? I told you I'd show you my shortalls.  From American Eagle.

Add a felt hat and a hand on your hip and you've instantly leveled up on the coolness factor.

I wear this sunhat almost every day while I'm at the beach to protect my face.  Also, I'm currently OBSESSED with these camo espadrilles.  I got them on the Atterley Road website.
Me and my sisters from one different mister and two different mothers.  See if you can work that one out.

This shot is from my last day.  I sat alone on the beach and watched a summer thunderstorm roll in over the Gulf of Mexico.  It was pretty cool to say the least.

And that concludes my Beach Trip Summer 2K14 photo diary.  PEACE.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Outfit of the day

Sometimes I love it when it rains at the beach. Gives you an excuse to stay in and watch a movie or go out and see one! This is what I wore today, because it was cold and dreary. 

#ootd for a very chilly, rainy day at the beach.  Keep it simple, keep it cool.

(Rag and Bone hat, Scotch and Soda pullover, Levi shorts)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Overalls are always a good idea"

You might recognize this quote, one with perhaps a slightly different wording involving some city in Europe that's supposedly really pretty, coined by Audrey Hepburn. However, I would like to believe that if Audrey was a style icon of the 2000 and teens rather than the mid-late 20th century she would perhaps agree with my alteration to her famous saying. Overalls, particularly shortalls, are one of my new best friends! They are awesome for so many reasons! (And not awesome for only one-- think about potential overall removal velocity in event of bathroom emergency). A few choice points which lie within the multifarious reasons that overalls rule are as follows: they are usually denim and thus achieve the look of a Canadian Tuxedo in a more effortless way, they make the wearer look like a super hip painter and/or farm hand, and they tend to have an endless amount of pockets. 50 points for Gryffindor!  I like to pair my favorite shortalls (a total steal from American Eagle) with either a Breton stripe shirt, a bathing suit if I'm headed to the beach, or a white tank top.  This look always leaves me feeling either super cool and fashionable or, particularly when clad in stripes, like I am a little boy named Timmy or maybe Bobby who was probably an annoying cousin of the Boxcar Children who always wanted to tag along but was never invited. Pics of me in my shortalls will come soon enough, trust me ok?

For now, here are some of my favorite overall looks to tuck away in the style file.

Alexa. What a babe.
One my fave bloggers, Lizzy van der Ligt.
Another favorite, Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now. (Her awesome blog post on the benefits of shortalls here).
*Action shot*
Cool girl club.

In conclusion, overalls are easy and chic all at once. Keep it simple, keep it cool. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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Stuck in East Hamp

So I left for the Hamptons on Friday morning, expecting to come back to the city Sunday morning. Little did I know that I would be trapped in the idyllic town until Monday night. As I lay in my bed now, trying to rest and recover from the weekend's activities, I thought I would share a few photos.

Here I am on the way to our event Friday night.  It was a pre-reception at the Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton, followed by a documentary screening at the Guild Hall.  We got back to the house late so it was pitch dark outside, but when we woke up the next morning...this was our living room view.

 We spent Saturday laying out and frying the tops of my legs (they are the most burned little hot dogs you have ever seen).  Then Sunday we got corralled into going sailing for the afternoon-- pull my leg why don't ya.  Here are some pics from that maritime expedition.

It was a heavenly afternoon, but after we took a dip in the Hampton Bay we realized we were exhausted and simply had to stay one more night.  So we caught the three o'clock train back on Monday.  WHOOPS.  Still, it was an awesome weekend getaway.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

City to Beach Essentials

Guten tag!!! I am in the Hamptons this weekend for work (and play) so I thought I would get in a post in while things have simmered down a bit. While I was considering the various and vast topics upon which I could spend my endless amount of creative brain power I happened to look down at my left and right hands and though WOWIE I have a brilliant idea! Let's talk about accessories. Not just wrist and finger accessories, but erry kinda thang you can accessorize yoself with. I'm talking hats, sunglasses, bags, oh my. Here I am on the Jitney, sporting my favorite gold Burberry watch, two mini diamond stack rings from Saundra Messinger, and a ruby ring that belonged to my great great grandmother. Oh and Bleak House. Holla at me Dickens fans.

I'm a big fan of simple gold jewels, here you can see my entire set of daily wrist and digit candy. (Watch- Burberry, Rings- set of 4 mini diamond gold and rose gold stack rings from Saundra Messinger, gold with ruby from my great great grandmother, gold with mini diamonds and emerald, my birthstone, in center from my parents for highschool graduation, gold initial pinky ring from GOOP, Bracelet- Miansai).

More members of my essential accessories retinue include my black Rag and Bone hat and my black Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. I am sporting my black Basta Swimwear bathing suit this weekend so I tote my stuff down to the beach in my Dash and Albert handwoven bag to add a pop of color.  

Hope everyone has a fab weekened. The end.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Monumental Selfies

Shalom in the home! First post here....feeling good about it.  Today's report will be entitled "Anna Takes Shameless Pictures of Herself with Unresponsive National Monuments".  We all know that selfies are taking over the world, with more people taking pictures of themselves and whatever is next to/behind them (strangers doing weird things, friends doing weird things, farm animals doing weird things-whatever floats one's proverbial boat) than ever before.  While I was abroad in the summer/fall of 2013, I decided to take advantage of this widespread photography trend and creatively combine it with my European surroundings.  In the first photo posted above, you will see me (trying to be cool) taking a selfie with La Tour Eiffel (actually being cool).  The second snap is yours truly with my friend Ben who is Big.  Look how excited we both are!  The final photo here was taken a just a few weeks ago.  I have been interning this summer in New York City, and it only seemed right to take a selfie with the Empire State Building whilst I've been residing in the Empire State (cue Jay Z and Alicia Keys).  Hopefully future travels will bring me close to new and exciting monuments which will give me the opportunity to further my portfolio.  Please feel free to share any and all thoughts/comments/concerns/compliments.  And if you have any super cool monumental selfie moments, I'd love to see.  Or if you think I'm pulling a Gretchen Wieners here and this trend will never catch on, then just tell me to stop trying to make fetch happen. Peace.