Saturday, July 26, 2014

City to Beach Essentials

Guten tag!!! I am in the Hamptons this weekend for work (and play) so I thought I would get in a post in while things have simmered down a bit. While I was considering the various and vast topics upon which I could spend my endless amount of creative brain power I happened to look down at my left and right hands and though WOWIE I have a brilliant idea! Let's talk about accessories. Not just wrist and finger accessories, but erry kinda thang you can accessorize yoself with. I'm talking hats, sunglasses, bags, oh my. Here I am on the Jitney, sporting my favorite gold Burberry watch, two mini diamond stack rings from Saundra Messinger, and a ruby ring that belonged to my great great grandmother. Oh and Bleak House. Holla at me Dickens fans.

I'm a big fan of simple gold jewels, here you can see my entire set of daily wrist and digit candy. (Watch- Burberry, Rings- set of 4 mini diamond gold and rose gold stack rings from Saundra Messinger, gold with ruby from my great great grandmother, gold with mini diamonds and emerald, my birthstone, in center from my parents for highschool graduation, gold initial pinky ring from GOOP, Bracelet- Miansai).

More members of my essential accessories retinue include my black Rag and Bone hat and my black Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. I am sporting my black Basta Swimwear bathing suit this weekend so I tote my stuff down to the beach in my Dash and Albert handwoven bag to add a pop of color.  

Hope everyone has a fab weekened. The end.  

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